The Mercenary Queen

Forming of the Company

Lots of Booms

In the Inn of the Siren’s Song, our adventures come together. After a night of heavy drinking and thievery, our heroes come together at that the behest of Cedric, a mysterious individual who needs help rescuing his wayward ward, Alorana. She has gone to negotiate with Cantus, the King of Thieves and not yet returned. He fears that something bad has happened and that she may be in great peril. Our heroes, led by Aislynn, and including Bram, Jimmy the Gnome and Lieutenant Roy, head off to infiltrate the King of Thieves lair in the ruins of the Caer Folsom on the near by peninsula to the port town of Ivory Bay.

They arrive at Caer Folsom to be captured by the minions of Cantus and brought before his court within the ruins. Aislynn reveals her previous relationship with Cantus and the two bandy back and forth. Cantus, however, is not amused and puts them all in the dungeon. Though all their gears is confiscated, Jimmy manages to keep a small amount of his “Experimental” Explosive. The putty compound is used to attempt to blow the lock on the cell door. Unfortunately it not blows off the cell door, it blows a twenty foot hole in the entire dungeon. Fortunately, our intrepid heroes avoid certain death at the hands of the gnomes insanity, but are captured again. This time, Cantus seems willing to talk. He takes Aislynn aside to his private office while Bram, Jimmy, and Roy stand out in the court room where Alorana is bound and hanging from the ceiling.

As Aislynn tries to negotiate with Cantus for the release of Alorana, Alorana convinces Bram to help her by putting out one of the torches. He isn’t sure why she wants this done, but thinking quickly, he grabs Jimmy and throws him at the torch. Jimmy collides with the torch, catching himself on fire and igniting the last of his secret store of explosive. The resulting explosion kills our friend Jimmy and brings the entire ruin down on everyone’s head. In the process, it also drops Alorana from her precarious perch dangling from the ceiling. Bram and Roy jump to catch Alorana and find themselves falling to the ground outside the Caer with Alorana in their arms. As they turn to see what has happened, they see the last of the ruins collapse in on themselves, sealing the horde of thieves within a stony tomb.

Aislynn manages not to get buried in the avalanche of stone, but is attacked by Cantus. The two fight within the tight confines of their prison, striking at one another. Cantus uses a poison blade and manages to strike Aislynn, but she survives to slit his throat at last. Alorana, Bram, and Roy search the ruins, finding their missing gear and arming themselves once more. Eventually they hear Aislynn crying for help and dig her out. The heroes stumble out of the destroyed the castle and are met by Cedric and a host of twenty High Elf warriors who have come to help them. Reunited with her companions, Alorana invites the heroes to join her company, which they accept. She reveals that what she was trying to do was get the key which Cantus had stolen from her family when he helped in the assassination of her father, mother, and siblings – the last of an ancient line of High Elf Kings and Queens in a distant land. The key opens the vault of their family mausoleum and would grant her access to the family valuables, including the crown of the King and other ancient relics concealed within.

It was decided, after the arrival of the local Magistrate and a few friends from the inn, that the company would excavate the ruined Caer and get Cantus’s treasure trove as well as turn the bodies of the now deceased Cantus and his chief lieutenants over to the authorities to receive the bounty for the King of Thieves and his minions. This provided the Company a war chest to establish themselves as a mercenary company and start up operational costs. It also provided them with supplies necessary to get themselves into a different land, now that it was obvious from the attitude of the Magistrate that they were no longer welcome in Ivory Bay.

So begins the adventures of the Mercenary Queen.



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