The Mercenary Queen

Kill Bill - Missed Opportunities

And so our intrepid adventures cower behind a rock staring out the rising spires of the Dark Citadel being rebuilt by an unknown foe. Bill has since headed off to explode his dastardly deeds upon the enemy beyond. As to our intrepid characters? They are left with a dilemma to contend with …

(And on this date, for all the world to know, Larissa snorted over 100 times in less than an hour)

The group decides to back track down to a point where they can more easily access the water and use boats to access a small spit of land down in the lake far below. However before the party leaves, Bran goes over and cuts the rope which Bill is using to rappel down the side of the cliff just enough so that the rope will break after the party slips away unseen. The rope snapped and Bill falls into the lake below with a loud, mournful yelp of surprise. Kersplash!

Our party reaches a point where they can access the lake, and there are a couple of beached boats there. As they are getting into the boats, Roy falls over unconscious and plunges face first into the water. After the party pulls him out of the water and leaves him laying on the beach, they decide that venturing into the evil castle and the dungeons beneath would be better accomplished after nightfall.

Bill, on the other hand, has managed to pull himself out the water, sputtering and snarling about stupid ropes, and crawls onto the beach. Miraculously, he has managed not to be caught or seen at this point, but it is only a matter of time. He decides to wait a bit, build himself a small, shielded fire so that he can dry out his clothes and equipment before venturing into the dark cavern beyond and beginning to wreck his havoc within the citadel.



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