The Mercenary Queen

Kill Bill, The Second Attempt

After discussing the consistency and flavor of the Gummi Bears being eaten at the table, we moved on!

We ventured to the Hillside Inn on the northern trail into the Fury’s Shield Mountains. There we met Ronald, a guardsman of Ivory who had been sent to investigate the disappearances. Ronald leads our group up into the mountains where they discover the Dark Citadel. The Dark Citadel is an ancient fortress that guarded the rich gold mines of the Fury’s Shield Mountains before the Cataclysm. They have been ruins for a thousand years, but now, it appears there are some renovations going on.

Ronald explains to the group that is where the captive villagers have been taken by the Orcs. Apparently they have decided to reopen the mines with slave labor to dig it out. Whomever is really controlling things, they are trying to keep things as quiet as they possibly can.

Bill decides that he is going to go and blow up the place, leaving the rest of the part behind as he intrepidly heads off to take on the host alone.



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