The Mercenary Queen

Secrets in the Dark - Into the Den of Pirate King

On the trail of Bill, Asylnn, Bran, Roy, and Eysion Farstrider find a couple of boats tied up down river. Roy puts his superior sailing skills to use getting the party back up to the base of the cliffs and the waterfalls cascading down. Unfortunately he misjudges his position and nearly swamps the boat underneath one of Fell Watch’s waterfalls. Drenched, the team finds a place to land the boat with a dark, foreboding cave entrance to boot.

Unfortunately, it’s not the same entrance used by Bill. They find themselves in a labyrinth of caverns and passages that brings them into combat with three strange scaly monkey like creatures(XP 900)and a treasure cave filled with stockpiles of crated goods and coin. The battle with the monkey creatures ends up incapacitating Roy, who the party is forced to leave behind in the safest place they can find while they continue searching for where Bill has gone.

As they search, they come upon a man-made tunnel. A tunnel with fine stonework supporting the walls and ceilings. It is determined by Bran that the work is Dwarfish, and so with great curiosity they continue exploring. They come upon an old haul, complete with skeletons of various humanoids. A throne sitting upon a dais is occupied by a short, Dwarven skeleton with a circlet upon his head, an amulet hanging from around the neck and a crossbow bolt buried in it’s chest. At his feet is another dwarf clutching a heavily bound book. Aislynn grabs the circlet and amulet and then promptly discovers a large vault like door concealed behind the throne. She picks the locks and nimbly steps aside as the door comes crashing down and smashes the throne and it’s occupant.

She finds another door. Unlocks it and sets off all the traps which narrowly miss turning her into a pin cushion. A third door blocks their path, but she easily unlocks it and opens the door … and nearly faints. Within the enormous room is a Dragon’s treasure of gold, jewels, and magic items. Aislynn and Bran agree, they need to keep this quite. We leave them back in the throne room after having reset the traps and concealed the doors. Their choice before them is simple, head down the hall to the large stone doorway before them or try the small wooden door built into the side of one of the hall. The servant or the master? Which one will bear them well and which will spell their doom. Find out in the next installment.



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