Each Kingdom, Princedom, and Municipality in between mints their own currency. Despite this, there are some general standards which have become a norm throughout the world. The following conversion rate is based upon this general consistency, whether it be a Gold Sovereign of Dasan, or a Silver Dinari of Fengar.

Established weight for coinage is 1 ounce. Gold is the standard though many municipalities forbid their general populations from owning gold. Gold is considered the currency of the noble class and not for commoners in many areas.

Coin Type Number to Equal 1 Gold
Gold 1 = 1 Gold
Silver 10 = 1 Gold
Copper 100 = 1 Gold
Platinum 1 = 100 Gold

Certain coinage of kingdoms equate to a value higher than one gold. An example of this is the Old Kingdom Dragon Coin from Palladium. This coin, with all it’s gems equals 1,000 gp in our conversion system.

While the gold standard works in Palladium, it supposes that Gold is quite plentiful. Within our own world Gold is not so plentiful, which is why currencies today are not based upon gold anymore, and why the value of gold currently is in excess of $300. In this world, Gold is available, but not to a great extent. Silver is a far more plentiful commodity. However, the kingdoms of the world, having various levels of trade with one another, have determined that the gold standard is the easiest way to keep currencies consistent with one another. As trade spreads between various municipalities, this has become the common exchange rate. There might be free cities and villages where silver is the standard, but they will still acknowledge the gold standard, they just might not be happy with the person throwing around the money.

Platinum is extremely rare in most of the countries of the world. Those that have a supply of this material guard it with a tenacity one might expend on protecting items of magic. There are other materials and ore that have such great value and even more, but their scarcity is treated the same as platinum. Think of the way they view Mithril in “the Lord of the Rings”.

If there is any discrepancy to this chart, it will be noted in the individual municipality’s page as this is to indicate that a particular sovereignty uses a different standard from the rest of the world at large.


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