Fire Spells

This category deals with all spells pertaining to the element of fire. Each category represents a spell list. After the spell list, the spells will be listed individually with their explanations. Priests may chose spells at random, not having to follow the tier system, but they do not gain the advantages of the tier system. Mages must chose a tier. Spells cost a certain amount of P.P.E. to learn. Once the spell is learned, it can be utilized at it’s lower base cost to wield.
(Note: If the spell has a description in either the Palladium Fantasy RPG, or the RIFTS: Book of Magic, readers will be directed to either of those locations rather than posting it here. Spells that have a description here are outside of the scope of the PFRPG and brought in from other sources.)

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Tier 6 Fire Spells

Definitions & Costs

Boil Water
Cost – 1
Duration – 15 min/level of spell caster
Description: Well, it’s real simple, you can boil water. The volume of water depends on the time it takes to actually boil it, so if you are trying to heat up the bathtub, it might take more than fifteen minutes, which would annoy the heck out of a level one Mage, but wouldn’t be a problem for higher level Mages. Trying to boil the ocean … well, let’s just say good luck on that one.

Warm Solid
Cost – 5
Range – 50’/level of spell caster
Duration – Up to 15 min/level of spell caster
Description: Again, what it says. You can heat a solid substance, whether it be rock, metal, wood, or whatever, up and make it “hot”. This won’t necessarily start a fire, but it will burn hands (IE. consider what happened in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers where Gandalf heats up Aragorn’s sword) and cause people to drop things. It can also melt a Wall of Ice, but it is slow goings this way. Better be at least a mid-level mage to do something like that.

Blinding Flash
Cost – 1
Range – 10’ (3 m) radius; up to 60’ (18.3 m) away.
Duration – Instant
Savings Throw – Standard; -1 if 3 P.P.E. points are pumped into this spell.
Description: See PFRPG Page 189 or RIFTS: Book of Magic Page 91 for spell description.

Cost – 4
Range: Self; 60’ (18.3 m) plus 10’(3 m)/level of caster
Duration: 10 min/level of caster
Savings Throw: None
Description: See page 75 of RBM, or PFRPG page 234

Control Fire
Cost – 5
Range: 10’/level of caster
Duration: 5 min/level of caster
Saving Throw: None – fire can’t save.
Description: This spell allows the caster to control flame, sculpt it, weave it into nice pretty shapes and so on. The caster can take the flame off a candle and hold it in his/her hand without begin burned by it, can cause it to grow or fade as he/she desires. They can even cause the flame to envelop their hand through the power of this spell. They can make campfires larger or smaller as needed or wanted, they can control the intensity and heat generated by the fire. They can eventually manipulate the flame, calling it to them from up to ten feet away from its source to be utilized in whatever secondary spell they might be trying to weave.

Create Fire
Cost – 5
Range: 10’ (3 m)/level of caster
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Description: Essentially, the caster of the spell creates fire from nothing. He/She is able to use their P.P.E. to generate fire. Simple as that. Kinda handy in a pinch when the damn tinder and flint/steel won’t work.

Extinguish Fire
Cost – 4
Range: Affects a 20’ (6.1 m) area/level of caster. Can be cast up to 80’ (24.4 m) away + 10’ (3 m)/level of caster.
Duration: 2 min (8 melee)/level of caster. Fire will remain extinguished unless lit by another source.
Saving Throw: None
Description: See RBM page 77/94 or pg. 191 of PFRPG

Fire Bolt
Cost – 7
Range: 100’ (30.5 m) + 5’ (1.5 m)/level of caster
Duration: Instant
Damage: 4d6
Saving Throw: Dodge
Description: RBM pg. 75/101, PFRPG pg.194


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