Mage Spells

Mages, regardless of what order they belong to, follow spell lists to gain the full potential of a given order of magic. These lists cost the Mage initially in P.P.E. to gain access and to complete, but once they reach the final spell, their existing P.P.E. is doubled. This goes on for each spell list. A Mage learns a basic number of spells from each category. Those base skills are:

Decipher Magic
Sense Magic
Globe of Daylight
Cloud of Slumber
Boil Water
Freeze Water
Enchant Rope
Spell Storage (1)

These base spells are used as the foundation for every other spell the Mage will ever learn. From these they progress to various specialties, selecting a tier of knowledge to learn and advance through. Once that tier is complete, the Mage will be versed in up to at least five different spells, depending on the tier. In this way, the Mage can advance as slowly or as quickly as they desire. However, certain spell categories and hire level spells require interaction with various powers in order to gain the knowledge required. This can be as easy as asking the entity for the information, provided it is benevolent, to outright battle or wills between the Mage and the power that holds access to the knowledge that the Mage seeks. Some spells are quite dangerous just to get their hands on, let alone to use.

The Lists are in the categories that follow:

Elemental Spells
Essence Spells
Spirit Spells
Dominion Spells
Dimensional Spells

Mage Spells

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