Darkness Is Coming …

Aloranna Neirin was a little girl when she first heard those words uttered from the mouth of her mother. She had no idea what it meant. All she knew was it terrified her to the core to have her mother say such things, but her mother was never one to hide anything from her. Or at least, Aloranna had thought that the case.

Then her Uncle came and slaughtered her family, killing her older brother Dace, and her father. Her mother rushed her, her twin brother, and their youngest sister to the escape tunnel of their castle and into the forest. That was when a shadow unlike anything Aloranna had ever seen came over them. A demon landed before them in all it’s nightmarish glory. Her mother turned to her, slipping a jade rectangle around her neck and told her to run, watch after her brother and sister, but run.

She herded her siblings into the woods as her mother stopped and squared off with the demon. The last thing she saw was a brilliant white light shining around her mother and the Demon raising a flaming whip to strike at her. She never saw her mother again.

The soldiers of her Uncle’s army found them as they ran. Her brother fell behind. There was nothing she could do for him and she feared she might never see him again. Aloranna and her littlest sister, Arianna reached the Sisters of the Moon and found safe harbor there. Every word they heard from their homeland was horrific in its detail of death and destruction. Their Uncle had slaughtered what he could find of the royal family and declared himself king. Then, he decreed that Aloranna and Arianna were fugitives. Other Elf Lords who dared to oppose this decision were destroyed and their lands confiscated by the new king.

When Aloranna was told of her mother’s secret cache, stored somewhere in the depths of the Jade Mountains. Supposedly it contained secrets too dear for her to even share with the Sisters, but one thing was know to be hidden there, her mother’s sword “Arisia the Protector”. Aloranna took the training provided by the sisters and struck out on her own. She was met by her father’s old Vizier, Lord Cedric Falolas. The older Elf Lord was a welcomed addition and with him came a number of her father’s old retainers and men at arms. Before long she had quite a little band, and Cedric brought one thing even more important – the gold to sustain them.

The only thing bothering her, besides her need to avenge her family’s death was the warning the sisters gave her before she left the monastery. “The Darkness is coming”. Now, Aloranna works to build up her army that one day she might go and pay a little visit to her uncle. Then she can tell him as he slides of the edge of her blade, “The Darkness has come”.

(GM’s Note)

We are shifting this game to a PBEM for the time being in order to allow the game to move forward.

The Mercenary Queen

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